Terms of use


Terms of Use

This web site is provided by KTEL MESSINIAS S. A.. Before using this web site, you are advised to read the following terms, as use requires unconditional acceptance of these terms. By using this website you signify your consent to these terms of use regarding legislation on privacy. Find out more about our company policy under the paragraph “Privacy”.

KTEL MESSINIAS S. A. reserves the right to modify the following terms at any time without prior notice. In each case the new terms apply by posting them on this website. The access and use after publication of the new conditions signifies their unconditional acceptance. These terms should not be confused with the terms of contract of carriage, which govern transfer and any additional services, and relate exclusively to the use of our website.

Any dispute arising under these terms, including those relating to the interpretation, is subject to Greek law and shall be resolved in the courts of Kalamata, Greece.

Privacy Statement

KTEL MESSINIAS S. A. respects your privacy and we guarantee that we make every reasonable effort to protect them. The processing of such data is always within the framework of existing legislation (Laws 2472/1997 and 3471/2006). We only collect personal data that you allow us, as each time you submit information, you are presumed to accept its collection and processing. The security of your data is our continuing goal, and we use the latest technology to offer security in your online business with us.

Furthermore, during your visit to our web site, some information is stored, such as the IP address of your provider, the website from which you arrived on our site, and date and duration of your visit. We clarify that these items are not linked to your personal data and are used to better serve you by improving our web site.

When making your e-ticket purchase, we will save necessary information for your issue contract, i.e. your personal data, name, email address, identity card or card number for a reduced ticket (student ID, large family card, etc.). With the help of cookies, small temporary or permanent files, certain information is stored on your computer when browsing, that is not related to your personal data or used to determine your identity, but offer better navigation and viewing information based on your preferences. It is in your discretion to store or delete these files, but unfortunately, any deletion will probably limit the navigation options and use of the site.

KTEL MESSINIAS S. A. does not sell or rent personal information to third parties. Any transfer of data to a third party only occurs where the law permits or imposes. Additionally, we are making every reasonable effort to prevent any unlawful or unauthorized processing of your data by third parties.

The policy of protection of personal data of our Company, as described herein, is widely applicable and also complementary applied to each specific regulation of the Company and/or transfer contract terms and/or conditions of use for this website and/or conditions for any special programs and services.

The Company reserves the right to modify these terms at any time without prior notice, but always in accordance to the safety of your personal data.


This website is for personal use only and confers no further rights to the user, who acknowledges that the signs, logos and all intellectual or industrial property rights over the content belongs to KTEL MESSINIAS S. A. and its licensors, therefore the user cannot copy, reproduce, modify, sell or in any way derive commercial benefit from the contents of this website without the written consent of KTEL MESSINIAS S. A., subject to any contrasting current legislation.

Limitation of Liability

KTEL MESSINIAS S. A. does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of the information contained herein, whether it is text or pictures or any other type of information, regardless of the person that registered it, and is not responsible for any damage or loss, consequential or otherwise, that may be caused or triggered by the use of this website or access to it, including cases such as damage caused by inaccurate data or information as described above. The disclaim of KTEL MESSINIAS S. A., that the user is presumed to have accepted unconditionally with the use of this website, does not extend to cases of death or body injury by willful misconduct or gross negligence.

Linking to other websites

In this web site links may be provided to third party websites, whose content or any service offerings and/or products and/or information is not controlled by KTEL MESSINIAS S. A., and of which it will not be liable in any way. The user acknowledges that access to third party websites and further use of these websites, is made under his/her sole responsibility.


1. Right to transportation is only to passengers that have a valid ticket. In the case of electronic ticket, it means that you must present a valid electronic ticket.

2. Ticket modified or altered in any way and as long as the alteration or amendment has not been made by us, is not considered valid.

3. Any ticket that was lost or destroyed, wholly or partly, or a ticket that does not contain the necessary vouchers, is not recognized as valid and must be issued again.

4. The ticket can be used only for the indicated route, which includes the place of departure, the time of departure and the exact destination. The fare paid corresponds to the explicitly described in the ticket transportation.

5. The ticket is an item of value and therefore the passenger must be stored with care.

6. The passenger must carry the ticket during the journey and to present it to the driver or conductor when and if he/she asked.

7. When the ticket is subject to a discount scheme, the passenger must carry with them the proof of the discount (large family’s card, student card etc.) and presented it whenever requested.

8. If the passenger has no such card with him/her, he/she must pay the remaining amount.

Baggage transport

The carrying of flammable and explosive materials is strictly prohibited.

The passenger’s baggage is transported FREE of charge with the responsibility of the passenger.

To avoid any inconvenience regarding lost baggage, please type in your information or have marks on your baggage to make an easy and safe recognition. (Employees of our Company, the driver, the conductor, the issuer, the carrier, it is impossible to know the owners of the luggage and take no responsibility if taken by the wrong person or in case of loss)

Transports of animals is prohibited, except regarding animals accompanying handicapped people or small pets, and are moved only in suitable for this purpose means.

Minor passengers

The transportation of children up to six (6) years old, without an adult accompanying them is prohibited. The person accompanying these children is responsible for their safe transport and can take with the child a passenger seat located behind another seat.

Regarding children aged from six (6) to fifteen (15) years, it is allowed for three of them to use a single and backrest seat, as long as it is behind the seat of another passenger.

Cancellation or ticket change

70% of the fare is returned to the passenger in case he/she cancels the reservation on a long-distance route, 8 hours minimum before departure, or 50% if cancelation of booking is made within 8 hours before departure time.

The ticket can be amended on the date of travel or transferred to other persons without charge of such persons (in case of a transferring a standard priced ticket to a person entitled to reduced ticket prices or free transportation on the return route, the difference is returned to the original holder of the ticket). In any case (cancellation or change of the destination or itinerary or change of passenger or date change) approval is required on the ticket from the officer’s of KTEL MESSINIAS S. A. only.


KTEL MESSINIAS S. A. is obliged to compensate consumers for the following cases:

1. For lost baggage liability of the transport operator, with minimum amount of compensation 30 €.

2. Loss of unaccompanied small packages, with minimum amount of compensation 15 €.

3. For not receiving passenger with fault of the transport operator from a starting point or a predetermined stop, three times the value of the ticket.

Secure Transactions

Credit card transactions are conducted electronically in real time between the Buyer and owner of the card by Piraeus Bank, which handles the transaction for KTEL MESSINIAS S. A. based on a contract kept by two sides.

In the whole process of the transaction, KTEL MESSINIAS S. A. has no involvement, nor ever gets any information relating to the credit cards. KTEL MESSINIAS S. A. just consents to the bank on the transaction value and only.

In the case that the buyer making the transaction is not the same person as the cardholder, KTEL MESSINIAS S. A. assumes no responsibility, nor is obliged to issue a refund.

Useful phones



Information and Issuing Tickets: 27210 28581

Αccountant’s Οffice: 27210 21559 (voicemail choice -1-)

Secretary’s Office: 27210 22823 (voicemail choice -2-)

Transport Office: 27210 23145 (voicemail choice -3-)

Storage Room: 27210 26428


Ticket office: 210 5233810 – 210 5134293

Information: 210 5124910

Storage Room: 210 5134273


Thessaloniki: 2310 595403, Fax: 2310 595483

Piraeus: 210 4125200-50, 210 4124800-900 Address: Astiggos 2 Port of Piraeus. email: voulgaritravel@gmail.com

Patra: 2610 623888

Lamia: 22310 68005 & “Roumeli” shop that serves buses passing by Lamia: 22310 33301

Korinthos: 27410 73987

Ioannina: 26510 26286 – 26510 27442

Tripoli: 2710 242086

Larisa: 2410 551133

Messini: 27220 22234

Pylos: 27230 22230

Gargalianoi: 27630 22223

Koroni: 27250 22231

Kyparisia: 27610 22260

Filiatra: 27610 33516

Ticket offices


Central Ticket Office

Artemidos (Opposite Central Market), 24100 Kalamata – Phone: +30 27210 28581

Kalamata Travel – General Tourism Office

Artemidos 103, Kalamata – Phone: +30 27210 27172, +30 27210 20700

Omonoia Ticket Office

Sokratous 59, 10431 Athens – Phone: +30 210 5237889, +30 210 5246805
Monday – Friday: 07.00 – 17.15
Saturday: 07.30 – 15.30

Ticket Issue in Piraeus – Voulgaris Travel

Astiggos 2, 18531 Piraeus Port – Phone: +30 210 4125200, +30 210 4125250, +30 210 4124800, +30 210 4124900

Ticket prices

Με την παρούσα βεβαιούται ότι, το αντίτιμο της τιμής του εισιτηρίου , από 01/06/2016 με βάση την υπ’ αριθ. B-69088/4171/2015 Απόφαση Υπουργείου Οικονομίας, Υποδομών, Ναυτιλίας & Τουρισμού, στις παρακάτω διαδρομές έχει ως ακολούθως:


31,70 €
24,30 €
6,90 €
28,30 €
71,30 €
17,30 €
46,70 €
5,50 €
7,70 €
57,20 €
6,70 €
24,90 €
5,50 €
8,90 €
13,80 €
15,20 €

* Οι τιμές αφορούν σε ολόκληρα εισιτήρια